A science fiction-like air purifier! - WAAM ULI by the engineers of the Silesian University of Technology


The ULI air purifier is based on unique solutions that ensure its effectiveness confirmed by research.

Thanks to the cooperation of engineers from the Silesian University of Technology and graduates of this university who form the WAAM technology start-up, the WAAM ULI air purifier was created. The device is distinguished by an unusually designed air duct – the air flow is non-linear in places where LED UV-C lamps are used. The design uses 2 high-performance fans, which significantly increases the efficiency of the purifier.

The unit is designed for use in hospitals, schools and insufficiently ventilated buildings. For this reason, amongst other things, the purifier is equipped with an acoustic sensor to detect noise in the school corridor. By detecting the pupils during the break, the unit automatically activates the maximum speed mode for air filtration. Another specialised solution are dedicated air intakes which allow fresh air to be drawn in from outside and then cleaned with HEPA filters.

WAAM ULI can eliminate as much as 52% of the bacterial aerosol particles present in the room air. It is a remarkable result – research has shown that a standard air purifier reduces the concentration of bacterial aerosol by approx. 18%-26%.

The project team consists of: Prof. Krzysztof Pikoń, PhD, Eng.; Magdalena Bogacka, PhD, Eng.; Waldemar Ścierski, PhD, Eng.; Ewa Brągoszewska, PhD, Eng.; and Artur Czachor, PhD, Eng.

Source: Silesian University of Technology, WAAM Machines