Cleaning Expo 2022 - a celebration for the entire cleaning industry


The CLEANING EXPO Professional Cleaning Fair will start at the beginning of October 2022 in Poznań. Participants will be able to get information on housekeeping management, in such industries as: medicine, hotel industry, industry, trade, gastronomy, sport, education and transport.

In many residential, offices, sports facilities, production halls, warehouses or medical facilities, the highest diligence and quality related to maintaining cleanliness and hygiene should be observed. Therefore, it is worth updating your knowledge about the current market situation, familiarizing yourself with forecasts and cooperation strategies prepared by experts, and seeing live exhibitions of manufacturers of cleaning machines, equipment, professional cleaning and disinfecting agents, manual tools and cleaning accessories.

Cleaning Expo Fair is about to:

  • building business relationships
  • networking
  • new directions and development opportunities



The thematic scope of the Cleaning Expo fair:

  1. Cleaning machinery and equipment
  2. Operating tools
  3. Machinery for cleaning adjacent areas
  4. Manual tools and accessories for cleaning
  5. Equipment and accessories for cleaning façades, roofs and adjacent areas
  6. Chemical agents for cleaning, care and maintenance 
  7. Disinfectants and disinfection equipment
  8. Health and safety solutions for the cleaning industry
  9. Equipment, accessories and protective equipment for emergency situations (e.g. pandemics)
  10. Information systems for the cleaning industry
  11. Professional cleaning service providers
  12. Consulting and funding institutions
  13. Institutes, chambers and trade associations
  14. Information services - publishing houses, media
  15. Other (closely related to the cleaning sector)



October 4-6, 2022 | Poznan International Fair