Disinfection without human intervention - an innovative idea from the scientists of the Bialystok University of Technology


Polish scientists surprise again! Innovative approach has resulted in a modern, autonomous robot using UV-C light in the fight against the virus.

RobUV is a project by the scientists from the Białystok University of Technology: Professor Maciej Zajkowski, PhD, Eng.; Professor Kazimierz Dzierżek, PhD, Eng.; Engineer Piotr Kardasz, PhD; and Maciej Rećko, MSc, Eng. It is an autonomous robot for disinfecting rooms and objects. The device is capable of autonomously analysing the space it is in and adjusting the intensity and duration of radiation to the conditions and surface it is to disinfect. The robot avoids obstacles on the planned route without operator assistance.

The machine uses special UV-C light emitters for decontamination. Thanks to this technology, it kills not only viruses, but also bacteria and germs. The robot also decontaminates the room it is in - it cleans the air of harmful substances.

Naturally, UV-C radiation is generated by the sun, but the Earth's atmosphere absorbs it completely. This is why this type of UV light is only found when using special lamps. UV-C damages the DNA or RNA of pathogens containing the DNA code so that they cannot reproduce. Such microorganisms are no longer a health risk. The World Health Organization recommends the use of UV-C disinfection in the fight against coronavirus.

The device received the Defender award for the most innovative and promising products enhancing national security at the 28th International Defence Industry Exhibition (MSPO) 2020 in Kielce. Now RobUV is being developed in cooperation with the Hospital of the Ministry of Interior and Administration in Bialystok, as a Protect Med project.


Source: Bialystok University of Technology