Fair under the guidance of a recognized expert!


The cleaning industry, because of the important function it performs - that means, to ensure safety and hygiene in public spaces, workplaces or residences, in order to keep up with the latest trends or the high demands set by customers, must bet on development through training, improving knowledge and meeting with professionals.


This year's past edition of Cleaning Expo 2023, held in Poznań together with Cleaning Forum conferences, was a response to the demand of representatives of the cleaning sector and a chance to exchange experience among experts. Doubling the number of exhibitors, significantly increased exhibition space and a richer program of events with interactive shows made Cleaning Expo, held for the second time, resonate and become a celebration of the cleaning industry in Poland! The event would not have been so successful had it not been for the knowledge and substantive support of the co-organizer - that is, Ms. Jolanta Sergot-Kowalska of Cleaning Consulting, program director of the Cleaning Forum conference.

- When we started working on a trade fair for the cleaning sector in 2022, we were both hopeful and apprehensive about how the industry would receive us and whether the proposed formula for the event would be attractive to its representatives. Although the road to success was bumpy, we did not give up, convinced of the rightness of the initiative we were taking. It turned out that it was a hit! Thanks to the hard work of the entire team (MTP Group, Cleaning Consulting), which believes in the sense and mission of the fair and the idea of face-to-face meetings, today we can confidently say that the fruitful results of this event will contribute to the further development of the cleaning industry and will provide impetus for further ideas. The Cleaning Expo and the Cleaning Forum conference became an arena for the exchange of ideas, and the participants had the opportunity to inspire each other, thus creating conditions for the transformation of the cleaning sector. - recalls Jolanta Sergot-Kowalska, co-organizer of Cleaning Expo and program director of Cleaning Forum.


Professionalism and expression

Jolanta Sergot-Kowalska is an expert of the Federation of Polish Entrepreneurs, director of the training and consulting company Cleaning Consulting, a certified business coach, an experienced practitioner and a long-time trainer. More than 30 years of experience speaks for Ms. Jolanta. She is one of the most respected trainers related to the cleaning services market in Poland, the first industry expert witness, pioneer of professional training in comprehensive cleaning services, speaker at international conferences and trade fairs. Her mission is to provide audit, expert and training services at the highest level and to prepare participants to make a significant impact on raising the standards of cleanliness in our country. Jolanta Sergot-Smith's ideas, initiatives and vast experience significantly influence the change in thinking about cleaning professions and services and the appreciation of their work contribution to the importance and quality of the economy.

Organizing space for business meetings is an art that the MTP Group has mastered to perfection. Talented project staff with the right skills to organize events for the 21st century are a solid resource, providing not only the know-how to create trade fairs and conferences, but also a fresh perspective on the latest trends and technologies. Thanks to the fruitful cooperation of the MTP Group with Cleaning Consulting, it has been possible to create high-profile events - the CLEANING EXPO trade fair and the CLEANING FORUM conference, both of which have gained recognition from participants and garnered plenty of positive feedback, thus creating a key meeting place for cleaning industry professionals in Poland.

This year's installment of Cleaning Forum 2023 delighted visitors to the MTP grounds with its richness and diversity, featuring panel discussions, hands-on workshops and spectacular demonstrations showcasing the capabilities of cleaning equipment, during which modern tools and systems were used to enable those present to engage and interact even more deeply. The expert knowledge of the speakers who shared their observations and experience, the infrastructure of the Poznań Congress Center, the core competencies of the MTP Group staff, the professional moderation of the talks, the lively conduct of the demonstrations, the expert commentary, the dynamic atmosphere conducive to creative dialogues and the incredible energy of Program Director Jolanta Sergot-Kowalska are the added values of the event, which make the favorable image of the fair and the conference will remain in the memory of the participants for a long time!

  • CLEANING FORUM - "Professional hospital cleanliness as a patient treatment process".


  • CLEANING FORUM - "Principles of operation of flexible flooring accepted by manufacturers, installers, service companies and industry organizations" (panel discussion + demonstrations)



  • CLEANING FORUM - "How to clean bathrooms in public facilities to meet aesthetic, sanitary and cost requirements" (panel discussion + demonstrations)



  • CLEANING FORUM - "Maintaining green spaces in times of changing customer demands and climate change" (panel discussion + demonstrations)


  • CLEANING FORUM - "Cleaning robot races".

- The exhibition at Cleaning Expo 2023 features modern technological and product solutions that represent a great potential in improving the efficiency and quality of cleaning maintenance. In turn, Cleaning Forum is a dose of practical knowledge and an opportunity to share experience with professionals and market participants. I am convinced that the ability to implement and apply the information and innovations presented in Poznań will translate into an even better level of duties performed, meeting the requirements of customers and the overall development of the cleaning industry in Poland - Jolanta Sergot-Kowalska, co-organizer of Cleaning Expo and program director of Cleaning Forum, sums up the past edition.


We invite you to the third edition of the event: 22-23.10.2024 at the Poznań Congress Center on the grounds of the Poznań International Fair.