First exhibitors registered for Cleaning Expo 2024!


The year 2024 has just begun, and we can already boast the first companies registered for this year's October edition of CLEANING EXPO! Tork, Czysta Polska, Emichem and Eko-Higiena are the exhibitors who have taken advantage of the New Year's Promotion and thus secured their participation in the most important celebration of the professional cleaning industry. The New Year's Special Offer lasts only until January 31 this year.


CLEANING EXPO - the Fair of Professional Cleaning Maintenance, is the only such meeting place in Poland for manufacturers and distributors of equipment, chemicals and equipment for cleaning with owners and employees of cleaning companies, representatives of the transport sector (airports and railroads), owners and administrators of facilities: commercial, medical, institutional, industrial, hotel, catering, sports or educational.

- The cleaning industry is currently noticing key trends, such as increased awareness of hygiene and safety, growing interest in ecology, and the rapid development of technology, especially automation and artificial intelligence. Companies are focusing on providing greener solutions, utilizing innovative know-how, and offering specialized services tailored to the growing expectations of the market. All this can be observed in Poznań during the upcoming celebration of the cleaning industry - that is, the Cleaning Expo and Cleaning Forum conference. Both the organization of such an event and the participation of market representatives have a powerful impact on the development of the cleaning sector, supporting both the economic growth of companies and the progress of modern solutions and technologies used in the industry. - emphasizes Witold Lipiński, Project Manager of the Cleaning Expo trade fair.

The New Year's special offer is available until January 31, 2024.


This was the case in the 2023 edition:


It is safe to say that the capital of Wielkopolska (Poznań, Poland) is also the capital of modern technologies for the cleaning industry. It is here that representatives of the most important industry institutions and market leaders meet together to debate the future of the industry and boast about their latest achievements. In turn, visitors to the Poznań Congress Center space have a unique opportunity to experience innovations live and be able to implement ready-made solutions in their businesses.

- The exhibition at the Cleaning Expo is a presentation of modern technological and product solutions that represent great potential in improving the efficiency and quality of cleaning maintenance. In turn, Cleaning Forum is a dose of practical knowledge and an opportunity to share experience with professionals and market participants. I am convinced that the ability to implement and apply the information and innovations presented in Poznań will translate into an even better level of duties performed, meeting customers' requirements and overall development of the cleaning industry in Poland - Jolanta Sergot-Kowalska, co-organizer of Cleaning Expo and program director of Cleaning Forum, encourages to participate.

Only until 31.01.2024 special discounts on the purchase of display space apply.


We would like to invite you to the third edition of the CLEANING EXPO Professional Cleaning Fair and CLEANING FORUM conference, which will be held on October 22-23, 2024, on the grounds of the Poznań International Fair - Poznań Congress Center!

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