Promote your company with Cleaning Expo Fair 2022


Find out how we can take care of your image together during the Cleaning Expo Fair. Let's inform your current and potential customers about your presence at Cleanign Expo 2022!

Take advantage of your participation in the Cleaning Expo Fair and take care of promoting your brand. The success of Cleanign Expo 2022 is our common goal, so we encourage you to identify with Cleaning Expo and broadly promote the event, as well as your company and products. Together with us, you will make your current and potential customers surely find out that your company will co-create the future of cleaninig industry in Poland!

What can we do to promote your company together at the Cleaning Expo Fair?

  1. Add a banner informing about participation in Cleaning Expo to your e-mail footer, using the banners we have prepared.
  2. Publish in your Social Media information that you will be at the Cleaning Expo Fair, 2022 using the graphics prepared by us.
  3. Tag us with @Cleaning Expo, #targiCleaningExpo #CleaningExpo2022 in your Social Media posts and we will share this information in our channels.
  4. Send us information about your company, yours new products and premieres - we will post them on our website, in Social Media and in press releases. You can use the ready application form.
  5. Publish a press release on your website that you will be on Cleaning Expo. You can use the press informations we have prepared.
  6. Place a dedicated and linked banner on your website informing you that you will be at the Cleaning Expo Fair.
  7. Send your customers dedicated invitations to the Cleaning Expo Fair 2022, you will receive them by e-mail, or you can use the ready-made invitation form.
  8. Send us your logotype in .png and .jpg format, and we will place it on the Cleaning Expo website, in mailings dedicated to visitors or in marketing campaigns.
  9. Send a mailing based on your customers with the information that you are participating in the Cleaning Expo Fair. Add a dedicated Cleaning Expo banner or graphic to it.

Do you have an idea for a non-standard promotion of your company during the Cleaning Expo Fair?

Contact us and we will be happy to support you in your activities!

Liliana Biegoń
Aleksandra Pawlina-Janyga